Corporate Conscience E​.​P.

by Sick Urge

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7"EP will be released in summer 2016


released July 1, 2016




Sick Urge Helsinki, Finland


Touko - guitar/vocals
Lauri - bass/vocals
Valtteri - drums

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Track Name: Cardboard Box
Smash my cellphone to the concrete
Cut my golden Amex in half
Burn my briefcase and my necktie
I have motherfucking had enough

I am reborn – I’m living in a cardboard box
I will shine on – I’m living in a cardboard box

Flip my finger when I pass the Wall Street
I am not one of those yuppies no more
I do it my way, you do it wrong way
I share my lunch with fucking seagulls and dogs

I am sniffing my marker and destroy my life
In my cardboard box
Track Name: The New Equality
As things stand, we have taken steps back
Once we stood for freedom, now we want boredom
Careless and numb is exactly what they want us to be
So we would forget what it was like to dream of being free

Inequality is the new equality
Conservative nihilist
What the fuck is that?
Fuck that shit

Being an asshole is still not cool
I'm still that fucking idealist who won't give up
Don't believe the hype, don't fall into that trap
Love and respect, then you might get some back
Track Name: Fight Them Back
Resist the power
Sick fucking attack
Forget the flowers
You have to fight them back!

Keep up the loud noise
You have the right
It's your fucking choice
You have to fight them back!

Hardcore will stay hardcore
Assholes will stay assholes
You have to fight them back!

Resist the power
You have to fight back!
Track Name: Keep Them In The Ground
Burning the planet, burning the skies
Give me more smoke to breathe
This is the path towards destruction
Let’s pick up speed

Fossil fuels – what goes around, comes around
Keep them in the ground!

Rising sea-levels and extreme drought
Polar ice and weather cycles are gone no doubt
Extinctions, erosion, livelihoods fucked up
The door to mankind's future is finally shut
Track Name: Breakdown
Day after day, week after week
You are the drudge, no one listens to your needs
These brains can’t handle no more this disease
Gun in your hand, you are sliding into

Nervous total fucking breakdown
There will be a massive, insane body count
Will they ever learn?

Month after month, year after year
Burn down to ashes, no one comes near
Load your weapons, and shoot some smack
It will break camel’s back
Track Name: Corporate Conscience
Corporate conscience stands for nothing
If there’s money in it, sure they’re in it
If responsibility helps me sell more crap
Come on, someone sell me that tag

Corporate conscience - Full of shit

Responsible slavery, organic death camps
If there’s money in it, sure they’re in it
Sustainable corruption, vegan war
Come on, someone sell me that tag
Track Name: Broken Glass
No destination in sight
You will never ever see the light
Still wading through shit, mud and ice
From pure darkness into the black night

Mouth full of broken glass

What’s the fucking point in this life anyway?
From the beginning it has been a mistake
Waters are getting deeper and deeper
Leave this world before it’s too late

Fuck you and fuck your empathy
Your pity and your empty words
Shove them up your ass
Track Name: Simple Solutions
Those who don’t know history
Are condemned to repeat it
That is why politicians are utter shit
“What about the good things Hitler did?”

Educate and learn from the history
Remember future is what we make of it

Those who know history often try to abuse it
That is why politicians are utter shit
Simple solutions for complex issues
“What about the good things Hitler did?”
Track Name: SSS-Government
Oppressive, conservative government
Where’s the fucking news in that?
Well, yeah, I thought it could not get much worse
Until SSS took the stage

SSS – Shut up alright
SSS – Resign tonight
SSS – We got to fight
This fascist shit

Austerity as a goal, not as a tool
Regression is progression
Education, culture – nothing but expenditure
Constitution? An annoying obstacle

SSS-government – they hate people like me and you
SSS-government – and they hate animals too
Track Name: Rats On The Streets
Rats on the streets
Passing the disease
Gather at night
Lowlife fucking maggots

Shoot them in the face
Fuck the whole human race
Keep up the order
With the laws invented by no one

Patrols of scum
Wanking to vikings
Save the city
And burn those fucking maggots