Final Task

by Sick Urge

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c-cassette, numbered edition of 82.


released September 22, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sick Urge Helsinki, Finland


Touko - guitar/vocals
Lauri - bass/vocals
Valtteri - drums

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Track Name: Final Task
Life in a war-torn country
No society left to hate
Start from a scratch, get knocked down again
Nothing to live for, even less to die for

There is no state but all the control
Machine of violence is what you live for
When everything around you is burning to ground
Your final task is to fuck off and die!

Survivalist dreams are full of shit
Why prolong your death in a world that is a bitch
You had one shot and you missed it
There goes this life, that's it
Track Name: Payback Time
Suffering eight hours a day
In a moldy fucked up factory
Orders after orders, Fosters after Fosters
I am tired of this motherfucking goddamn shit

Now it´s payback time!

This system is pure exploitation
Negotiations are only possible with a knife
Fuck off facilitation, fuck off consensus
I´ve fucking had it, it´s payback time
Track Name: Thinner Nights
It was supposed to spend a nice summer night
Grilling sausage and sniffing thinner at the campfire light
Enjoying hallucinations the whole night
But then you dug up that rusty fucking knife

Do you want to die?
Do you want to die? - I can't hear you
Do you want to die?
You're gonna fucking die!

Oh the sweet death and the smell of burning friend
This is the real deal, don't you fucking pretend
I'm getting high and higher and my senses will distend
These things are the ones i don't want to amend
Track Name: Homophobic Motherfuckers
Too much spare time and frustration
Too much shameful desires
Too low IQ for this society
Only able to hate

How did you became so- fucked up?
Homophobic motherfuckers
I want to see you on the end of the rope
Homophobic motherfuckers

Fear is your excuse to despise everything
You are vile and sick fucking rats
Stay in your locked closets and swallow the keys
No one needs you in this world
Track Name: Waiting For The Fucking Bomb
Fuck this fuck that fuck those too
Fuck everyone who thinks this shit is cool
Another war, another bomb, another fucking disaster
Who cares anyway, there is a new meme on the internet

I throw up when i see this sick world
I don't want to blow up, I don't want to burn
Sit back and drink your coffee with non-fat milk while you can
And wait for the fucking bomb
Track Name: More Oppression
Nations, governments, borders and shit
We don´t really need any of that shit
This system only benefits conservatives and capitalist shit
What´s left for us, we can just eat shit

More oppression
Suffering and pain
More oppression
Poor against poor, play the blame game

Struggle to make ends meet, still not worth shit
Work all the time, yet you don´t earn shit
Sure you can vote, choose between this or that shit
No matter what, you will remain a piece of shit
Track Name: Relief / Grief
Crawling like a leech for five billion years
The time of this mankind is a blink of an eye
And the end is already near

Maybe it's a relief
When this all ends in grief
Maybe it's a relief
When the earth sinks in its last fucking shit

I don't want to live on this dying planet anymore
It's raining missiles and guts of the victims of war
But what fucking for?
Track Name: I Love Violence
Push that knife under my skin and let me feel your love
Stab me, fist me, pierce me with your fucking high heels
I want to be important, I want to have a meaning
I want to know how it feels

I love violence
I love violence
In my ass

Your fucking filthy fingers
Have ripped my body thousand times
And again tonight
I want to feel it one last fucking time
And then please let me die
Track Name: Nazi Scum
Fascist pigs walking on our streets
Fascist fucks, worse than police
Nazi fucking rats, you are the disease
Nazi MPs, just fuck off please

Fuck off
Nazi scum