Sick Urge / Pakkosyöttö -split 7"

by Sick Urge

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released June 16, 2017




Sick Urge Helsinki, Finland


Touko - guitar/vocals
Lauri - bass/vocals
Valtteri - drums

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Track Name: Nausea State
wealth distribution used to be a priority
now they just work for the rich minority
"the unemployed are fucking annoying
and those lazy students, why would we support them?"

nausea state! nausea state!
nausea state! nausea state!

this state only functions for few
not for you if you're poor
sick or handicapped we don't need you
labour laws, human rights, fuck off too

nausea state! nausea state!
nausea state! nausea state!
Track Name: Asshole Boss
right-wing wankers
control public debate
take the power back
tell those fuckers that

i will never get
out of your way

asshole boss
controls your day
take the power back
tell the fucker that

i will never get
out of your way
Track Name: Life Sucks Scum Fuck
woke up in the morning, don't know why
everything around me is a fucking lie
work, pay taxes and fucking die
whatever dude, get drunk tonight

life sucks scum fuck

hopeless, restless and disappointed
this is not what they fucking promised
i could try and make the most of it
but i'm too tired so fuck it
Track Name: Children of War
deadliest and the most brutal war of our lifetime
no chance to choose sides because
they all try to fucking kill you
does it matter what twisted ideology you die for?

they run, run, run for their lives
children of war! children of war!

overcrowded camps, inhumane conditions
disgusting two-faced politicians
so easily we ditch the ideals of peace and humanity
when soini splutters about national security
Track Name: In Stupidity We Trust
no more experts
just subjective experiences
science is just an opinion
if that's how you feel

no more experts

rumours are a perfectly good
source of information and
"people had heard"
a valid base for decisions
Track Name: The Only Way
from crisis to crisis we roll
political elite has their say
“we must make it even worse”
this is the only way

it gets worse
before it gets worse again

so you still had food and
even clean water?
you must give them up
this is the only way

this is what they say
this is the only way
no alternatives
this is the only way
Track Name: 50 Shades of Hate
hate as a driving force fucking sucks
it gets you nowhere and it makes you a schmuck

50 shades of hate
they are the same

get over the hate, turn it into anger
against the system, against the structures